Big Sky Cats – Wildcat Teaser with Fisher Attachment

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A brand new product by Cool Cyber Cats, the Big Sky Cats Wild Cat Teaser with a Deer Fisher attachment. These cat toys are hand made and of exceptional quality and value. Cats go crazy over this toy. Wand is compatible with wildcat, cat catcher, da bee and da bird attachments.

The Wildcat wand itself is approximately 18 inches long plus top cap and has a 44 inch (approximately) braided wire. The wire is completely nylon coated, so it will not fray and the metal is not exposed. The wire is not simply glued in the top cap, nor does it rely on a glued on cap to hold it to the wand. The wire goes into the top cap and connects into the wand itself, for a strong connection.

With the Wildcat wand you can make you attachments creep and sneak around as you pull it along the floor mimicking the movements of small rodents, or make them leap, spin and fly to your cats delight. Your cat will become a Wildcat while he tries to catch the attachments!

**As with ALL cat toys, please supervise play and put away when not in use.

For supervised interactive play only. Please keep the wand and attachments stored safely out of reach from your cat when not in use with play.


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